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Property-ValuersA property valuer is important when buying or selling a property. The valuer determines the fair market value of your property. You can lose a significant amount of money if you choose to sell off or buy a property without a property valuer.  You can pay a huge amount for an overvalued property or sell your property at a low price if it is undervalued. While property valuers are indispensable, some collude with a buyer or a seller to give an inaccurate valuation report. Thus, you must determine the credibility of your property valuer before you pay for their services. A credible property valuer should meet the following criteria:

  • They should be registered and licensed by the government as property valuers. A research on government databases and online directories can lead you to registered property valuers
  • The valuer should have a valid insurance cover
  • A credible property valuer should have no relations or associations with either the buyer or seller of the property under valuation. Such associations may lead to biased valuations that favor one trader.
  • The valuer should confirm that they issue printed valuation reports. The valuer should give you a timeline when you should expect your complete report.
  • A credible property valuer should well-informed about valuation of similar properties and their prices in your area. You should ask leading questions in your first interaction with your valuer, as you may not determine their level of knowledge from their advertisements or website.
  • A good property valuer should not just be interested in your payment for services. They should be willing to give you advice and answer any questions you may have on valuation and sale processes.
  • A credible valuer should have experience in valuing similar properties. Just because they have knowledge on the process does not mean their first valuation will be accurate. It is better to consult a valuer who has handled similar properties in the past.

Your experience and returns after selling or buying a property will depend on your choice of valuers. Good property valuers like property valuers Perth should meet the criteria outlined above.